Quadraverb Collection

The “Quads” longevity is a testament to its outstanding sound quality and highly editable effects.
The Quadraverb can squeeze out an awesome amount of sonic bliss in the hands of the right programmer.
See the collection of Alesis Quadraverb units and other gear.


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My private ALESIS Quadraverb Collection
Nr Model S/N
Patches Board rev Remarks
1 QV QV1035xxx
Original AD 1.03  
2 QV QV1094xxx
3 QV Plus no
Mixed   2.02  
4 QV Plus QV1090xxx
Mixed   2.02 2 small lines missing in display
5 QV Plus no
Original   2.02 Micro III bottom
6 QV QV1061xxx
Mixed   1.07  
7 QV Plus QV1086xxx
8 QV Plus QV1075xxx
9 QV Plus QV1004xxx
10 QV Plus QV1102xxx
EFTP     200 Charlie Hall patches
11 QV Plus QVxxxxxxx
12 QV GT GT2516xxx
13 QV GT GT2520xxx
14 QV GT GT2506xxx
15 Q2 Q25501xxx
EFTP 2009   2.01 400 Charlie Hall patches
16 Q2 Q25516xxx
Mixed E 2.01  
17 Q2 Q25504xxx
Echotapper A 2.01  
18 Q2 Q25525xxx
Standard   2.01  
19 Q2 Q25506xxx
C 2.0 near Mint
20 QV QV1048xxx
Standard   1.07 very good
21 Q2 Q25506xxx
Standard   2.0  
22 Q2 Q25509xxx
C 2.01  
C1 Digitech RP250
C2 Dynacord EC 504
Germany   Link 950
C3 Dynacord VRS23
Analog Delay Reverb 575 Demo
C4 Zoom 9120
      Operation manual
C5 Roland GM70
Midi control   Link Midi converter - Service 1 - 2
C6 Digitech Vocalist II
      Voice processor
C7 Kawai MAV8
      Midi patch bay
C8 Dynacord VRS 23
BBD analog   Link Youtube1 - Youtube2 (SOLD)
C9 Dynacord EC 504
Tape echo   Link  
C10 Watkins WEM Copycat
Tape echo  
A1 Alesis RA100
Ampliflier   Link Reference manual
A2 ELK Custom amp 30
Ampliflier   Link Tubes handwired
A3 ELK Custom amp 75
Ampliflier   Link Tubes handwired - EB-213S
A4 Guyatone FLIP 2000
Ampliflier   Link Tubes + Solid state (sold)
A5 Guyatone EX1
Ampliflier   Link 1979-solid state
A6 Line6 Spider112
Ampliflier   Link 1999-solid state
A7 Marshall G80R CD
Ampliflier   Link 1999-solid state - Manual
A8 Adonis GA15
A9 Fender Frontman 10G
Ampliflier   Link  
S1 Alesis M1 Active Mk2
S2 KH502
K1 Technics - KN7000
Keyboard   Link 1999
K2 Roland - G1000
Keyboard   Link 1998
M1 Alesis iMultiMi-8
M2 Inkel MX995
Mixer     1987
G1 Fender Stratocaster +
Guitar   USA 1990 - N983716 Strat Plus
G2 Fender Stratocaster
Guitar   Japan 1987 - C006077 Midi pickup
G3 EKO Ranger 12E
Guitar   Italy 1968 - 12 strings
G4 Custom Strat
Guitar   Japan 1970s Fender Strat copy
G5 Epiphone Special II
Guitar     Gibson copy black
G6 Maya SG
Guitar     1970s Gibson SG-Copy
G7 Maya LP
Guitar     1970s Gibson Les Paul- Copy
G8 El Maya LP
Guitar     1970s Gibson Les Paul- Copy
G9 Diamond Bass
Bass guitar     1970s 4 strings Gibson Les Paul- Copy
G10 Ibanez V300
Guitar   Japan 1980 6 strings Ibanez V300 - Demo
G11 Ibanez V302
Guitar   Japan 1980 12 strings Ibanez V302 - Demo
G12 Squier Stratocaster
Guitar   China 2010 CXS 100897835
G13 Jacky Jackson
G14 Tonemaster Imperial 202
Guitar   Italy 1964-1965 by Crucianelli
G15 Morris Telecaster
Guitar   Japan 1970s Moridaira factory
G16 Mini Squier Strat
Guitar   Indonesia 2017 Red ICS17121044
G17 Admira Paloma
Guitar   Spain 2001 - A 20015368
Mic1 AKG D119CS200
Microphone   Austria 1965
Mic2 AKG D190 E
Microphone   Austria 1972 with cable info
Mic3 AKG D190 E
Microphone   Austria 1972 with case info
D1 Ernie Ball Pedal
Volume   USA with electronic split output
D1 Behringer Ultragain Pro MIC2200
Pre amp   Germany Ultragain Pro 2-Kanal Tube Mic/LineAmp 19"
D1 Behringer Ultramizer Pro DSP1400
Processor   Germany 2005 - Digital 2-Channel 2-Band Loudness Maximizer / Program Enhancer. Doubles the loudness of your recordings and sound
D1 Aphex Exciter
Processor   USA 2015 - 2-Channel Psychoacoustic Effect Processor Increases the presence, clarity and improved detail in the audio signal, (sold)
Su1 Recording set up
Su2 Service/test set up